How Does The Program Work?

It is not complicated but it is highly effective! By enrolling in the Equity Plus Program, you authorize us to electronically deduct a portion of your loan payment from your designated checking or savings account with every paycheck. If you receive your salary biweekly, we will collect one-half of your regular monthly payment, along with a small transfer fee, every other Friday, synchronized with your pay cycle.

The biweekly debits accumulate to 26 half mortgage payments, equivalent to 13 full mortgage payments in a year. The 13th payment is applied directly to the principal balance of your loan, helping you save money in interest and reducing the term of your loan. Moreover, if you desire even greater savings, we can customize a program to expedite your loan payoff, potentially saving you thousands of dollars in interest. Additional funds collected by Equity Plus (minus the start-up fee) are directed toward reducing your principal balance, ensuring faster loan repayment.

Equity Plus Mortgage Calculator

Discover how much you can save on your mortgage with our powerful tool. Simply input your loan details, and our calculator will provide an estimate of potential savings through refinancing or making additional payments. Take control of your mortgage and plan for a brighter financial future.

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