Benefits of Bi-Weekly

Discover the transformative power of our bi-weekly mortgage program. Reduce years off your loan term, save thousands in interest, and achieve mortgage freedom faster than ever before.

Faster Equity Build-up

Fast-Track to
Mortgage Freedom

Experience all of the advantages of building equity at an accelerated pace, surpassing the limitations of a standard 30-year fixed-rate monthly mortgage payment. Our simple to use, yet innovative program propels your path to financial empowerment, enabling you to achieve homeownership goals faster than ever before. Maximize your equity growth potential and secure a brighter future with our bi-weekly approach to mortgage acceleration. Take charge of your financial destiny and unlock your home’s true value today.

Shorter Loan Term

Streamlined Repayment

Experience the remarkable impact of our program. A loan typically spanning 30 years is estimated to be fully paid off in just 25 years at a 5% interest rate. At higher rates, the term decreases further.

Substancial Savings

Maximize Savings

Experience significant interest savings throughout the loan’s duration with our accelerated amortization. By paying interest on a smaller loan balance for a shorter period, our program enables you to save considerably on interest expenses. Unlock the potential for substantial interest savings and secure a financially advantageous future.

For Over 40 Years

Since 1982, Equity Plus has been changing the way Americans repay their mortgage. With over 40 years of experience, we have established ourselves as a reliable and trustworthy company. Count on us to provide innovative solutions and personalized guidance as we help you navigate your mortgage journey.

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