Equity Plus Biweekly Mortgage Payment Program Saves you Money

Equity Plus is a simple and easy way to have huge savings on your loans. Instead of sending a check to your lender each month, the Equity Plus Program will electronically debit your designated checking or savings account for a portion of your payment each and every time you are paid. For example, if you are paid biweekly, Equity Plus will collect one-half of the regular monthly payment plus a small transfer fee every other Friday timed along with your pay cycle.

These bi-weekly debits add up to 26 half mortgage payments, the equivalent of 13 full mortgage payments, so that each and every year we apply one additional mortgage payment directly to reduce the principal balance on your loan. If you want to save even more, we can tailor a program to pay off your loans even faster saving you thousands more in interest. Anytime Equity Plus collects any additional funds**, we direct those funds to reduce your principal balance immediately on the next mortgage payment.

All funds are transferred through the Automated Clearing House under strict regulation of the Federal Reserve, Regulation E, and NACHA rules and regulations. All monies are drafted through an account that is licensed and insured with the Banking and Financial Department. All monies are FDIC insured during the payment process.

**In the event the client chooses to defer the start-up fee, any additional funds collected are first applied to the balance of the start-up fee until the balance is collected in full. Customers may contact Equity Plus at any time to pay the startup fee balance owed by credit card.